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Download Jose Luis Rodrнguez

Download Jose Luis Rodrнguez
  • Genre: Latin, International
  • Releases: 1


Venezuelan vocalist/percussionist Jose Luis Rodríguez has recorded with many of Latin music's most prominent talents, including Julio Iglesias, Ed Calle, Emilio Estefan, Jr., Julio Hernandez, Lola Flores, Pedro Infante, and Rita Quintero. Over the course of his decade-plus recording career, Rodríguez's range has spanned boleros, mariachis, norteño songs, and romantic ballads. His output has been staggering in that time, with twelve reissues, tribute albums, compilations, and original releases arriving in 2002 alone. In 2003, Rodriguez teamed with prolific Hispanic songwriter Manuel Alejandro for a full length collaboration.


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