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  • Genre: Electronic
  • Releases: 40


Often accompanied by vocalist Lea Sonnek and hip-hop drummer Rainer Binder-Krieglstein (aka Binder & Krieglstein), Matthias Kertal and Simon Nola comprise the Austrian electronic house-dance duo known simply as Mika. The two creatively hit the wall at first, relying solely on traditional instruments to make music. However, after they built a bedroom studio, the production work was much easier. They acquired electronic equipment and synthesizers to create both cerebral and dancefloor variations of house, ambient, and midtempo pop. When Mika sent out their first material, it was picked up by FM4 disc jockey BTO Spider, who played their first tape, "Texas." In late 1998, Spider invited them back onto his show and introduced them to Klein Records head Christian Candid. The Vienna-based label issued their first official single, "Tomorrow," in spring of 1999. The Opposite of Silence, an Internet-only EP, was nominated for the Amadeus Alternative Award by listeners of FM4 upon its 2000 release. That same year, Mika offered their self-titled debut, and then followed up with Right Place, Right Time in 2004.


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