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Download Noir Desir
  • Born: 01 January 1985
  • Genre: Pop/Rock, International
  • Releases: 6


French alternative band Noir Désir formed in the mid-'80s, comprised of vocalist/guitarist Bertrand Cantat, guitarist Serge Teyssot-Gay, bassist Frédéric Vidalenc, and drummer Denis Barthe. The group's first EP, Ou Veux-Tu Que J'Regarde, was released in 1987. Two years later, Noir Désir released their debut full-length, Veuillez Rendre l'Âme (A Qui Elle Appartient). By second album Du Ciment Sous les Plaines (1990), the band's harder, more punk-inspired elements began to come to the fore, and the progression remained on 1992's Tostaky. After the live double LP Dies Irae, Noir Désir broke out with 1996's 666667 Club. The band continued throughout the early 2000s, releasing albums every couple years. In 2003, lead singer Bertrand Cantat was charged in the death of his girlfriend, actress Marie Trintignant, who died -- on August 1 that year -- of head injuries after being punched by Cantat in a domestic dispute. Cantat was convicted of manslaughter and incarcerated for four years.


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