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Download Tom Baxter
  • Born: 29 October 1973
  • Genre: Pop/Rock
  • Releases: 5


Tom Baxter emerged in 2004 as one of London's premier underground singer/songwriters. Steadily rising in popularity since that time Baxter soon became a major force in Britain's independent and live music scenes. Born in Suffolk to a pair of well-traveled folk musicians, Baxter was surrounded by songwriting from an early age. Under his parents' apprenticeship and the guidance of their musical friends, Baxter learned the building blocks of songcraft. During his teen years Baxter's parents bought an old hotel and opened up a club on the ground floor called Charlie's Bar. It was in that bar that Baxter and his brother learned the ins and outs of live performance, eventually assembling a house band. At 19, Baxter moved to London for music school. He soon began performing in bars throughout London, earning money playing covers while developing his original repertoire. Baxter earned a loyal following through regular performance, building up the steam necessary to release his debut record, Feather and Stone, which emerged in 2004. Regional touring and Baxter's constantly evolving catalog of material kept his audiences enthusiastic and ever-growing. Singles like "Better", released in 2007, whet listener's appetites for Baxter's much anticipated follow-up release, Skybound, to be released in January of 2008. When the pre-release fell into the hands of actor and producer David Schwimmer, the Friends veteran decided to include some of Baxter's material in his film Run, Fat Boy, Run.


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