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The Digital Millennium Copyright Act - often called 'the DMCA' - is a law which helps copyright holders have their stolen content removed fast. The DMCA Act provides web hosts, search engines and other internet services "safe harbor" from copyright infringement claims. In return, these companies are required to act quickly to remove infringing material when properly notified.

Is your copyright being infringed online? We can help.

We respect the intellectual property rights.

If you believe that material available on our website mp3leo.com, infringes your copyright (s), please notify us by providing DMCA notice. After receiving a valid and complete notification, we will remove the material in the shortest time. Learn more about this process here.

Please note that we are not able to process DMCA notices that refer to sites hosted on the servers of third parties.

To create a DMCA notice go to contact us and fill the form.

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