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Download All Things Must Pass (50th Anniversary) [2021 Super Deluxe]

by George Harrison


On February 15, 2001, George Harrison recorded this 12-minute interview with Chris Carter discussing the 30th anniversary reissue of his classic All Things Must Pass album. For the ground that they do manage to cover within this short period of time, it's fairly interesting. Harrison discusses, with straightforward frankness, how Phil Spector came to be involved with the production; Eric Clapton's largely uncredited role in the record ("he's on nearly every track"); the composition of "I'd Have You Anytime" with Bob Dylan; why one of the bonus tracks, "I Live for You," did not make the original record; what his favorite songs on the record were ("Run of the Mill," "Awaiting on You All," and "Isn't It a Pity"); and the colorization of the album cover for the reissue. Its brevity, however, ensures that this promo-only CD (whose booklet, usefully, is a transcript of the interview) will be sought only by serious collectors.

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