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Download Lady Wood

by Tove Lo
  • Release type: Album
  • Year: 2016
  • Tracks: 15
  • Duration: 51:47
  • Size, Mb: 342.22
  • Bitrate: FLAC

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After the frankness of songs like "Habits (Stay High)" and "Talking Body," it's not surprising that Tove Lo named her second album after a term for a female erection. Even her collaboration with Alesso, "Heroes (We Could Be)," kept some of Queen of the Clouds' dark, rebellious charisma, which she refines on Lady Wood. Building on the success of that song and "Talking Body," Lo takes her music in a sleeker direction informed by EDM and R&B. The former single "Cool Girl" sets the tone for the rest of the album: Over sparse synths and beats, Lo adopts the perspective of Gone Girl's fantasy woman, using indifference as armor against any threat of heartache or vulnerability. This aloofness informs Lady Wood's first half -- like Queen of the Clouds, the album is presented in chapters -- as Lo juxtaposes smooth sounds with a viewpoint that's anything but. Sometimes this combination works well; when Lo sings "I'm gonna get hurt" on "True Disaster," the sweet melody adds a thrill of anticipation. On the brooding title track, however, it feels too subdued. Lady Wood's second half is more consistent, in large part because the painfully honest -- and relatable -- drama queen of Queen of the Clouds is given a wider berth. On the smoldering "Don't Talk About It," Lo gets as much mileage from keeping secrets as she did confessing them on her debut. Meanwhile, on "Imaginary Friend," she devises a different form of escapism than she did on "Habits (Stay High)." Songs like these and "Keep It Simple" make the most of Lo's big voice and personality on an album that, despite its provocative title, often feels more straightforward than Queen of the Clouds did.

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