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Download Techno Club Vol. 05 (Mixed by Talla 2XLC with DJ Hooligan) (Cat #: Sony Music Media ‎– SMM 491919 2)

by VA
  • Release type: Album
  • Year: 1998
  • Tracks: 2
  • Duration: 146:46
  • Size, Mb: 336.3
  • Bitrate: MP3 320
  • Genre: Pop/Rock


Techno Club, Vol. 5 features Talla 2XLC and DJ Hooligan, two of Germany's most popular trance DJs at the end of the '90s. Talla was the resident at Club Dorian Gray in Frankfurt at the time, and that influential club is the setting for the supposed "DJ competition" that takes place on this double-disc album. The album's liner notes discuss why Dorian Gray and these two DJs in particular are so well known in Germany; unfortunately, if you can't read German you won't be able to interpret much of the text. At the very least, however, there are some photos from the club and of the DJs that help provide a context. As mentioned, these two DJs spin trance and were some of the first DJs to popularize what was once considered a very extreme musical style. Trance's roots lie in Frankfurt, so it's only fitting that these albums associate themselves so closely to the German city. Not many of the songs on these Techno Club volumes became too popular internationally, being more reserved for the Euro-trance scene centered in Germany. Thus, don't expect to hear many of the trance anthems championed by the Global Underground roster of DJs such as John Digweed; that is an entirely different strain of trance. This is a more intense strain, more closely related to techno than house (the opposite being the case for the trance popular in the U.K.).

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