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Download Up And Rolling

by North Mississippi Allstars
  • Release type: Album
  • Year: 2019
  • Tracks: 12
  • Duration: 44:50
  • Size, Mb: 103.64
  • Bitrate: MP3 336
  • Genre: Pop/Rock, Country, Blues


The North Mississippi Allstars bring it all back home on Up and Rolling, the band's debut offering for New West. Cody and Luther Dickinson (scions of the late producer Jim Dickinson) may have taken their brand of roots rock, dirty-blues crunch, soul, and funk across the globe many times, but they’ve never forgotten their roots in Mississippi's Hill Country mud. In 1996, Texas photographer Wyatt McSpadden visited the Dickinsons and took pictures of local hill country musicians Otha Turner, Junior Kimbrough, R.L. Burnside, and others, along with their musical families. All the musicians and their kin played together at Kimbrough's juke joint. Most if not all of the offspring are or have been NMA collaborators through the decades. (Singer and fife player Sharde Thomas, Otha's granddaughter, continues to lead grandad's Rising Star Fife & Drum Ensemble.) The photos went undiscovered for some 20 years, and they are what inspired this "soundtrack." The band enlisted friends for a wonderfully unruly celebration of blood, land, and musical ties.

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